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Awesome real time disk space analyzer

With SpaceSniffer you can get a glimpse of how space is distributed in the hard drive (or any other drive connected to your computer) in a much more eye-catching way. SpaceSniffer analyzes the size of each individual folder and file in the...
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  • by Anonymous

    Fantastic product. Disk space clogs are a matter of life and matter of permanent maintenance. I have used several disk space analyzers to see where the sopace went, but SpaceSniffer is by far the best: fast, very small and super-efficient

  • Juan Pablo Barral Weber

    by Juan Pablo Barral Weber

    It's by large the best I've found.. It's the best tool of that time U've tested and use. Speed, resourses consumption, UI... all make it my favorite.

  • by Anonymous

    Great tool. really useful and helpful tool! Works as it should. If you need to know where's your free space disappear, that tool is what you are looking for. Pros: fast. detalization. easy of use

  • by Anonymous

    perfect. a perfect tool for free. it's light and efficient, fast scan, window contextual right click is fine to manage the files and folders. Pros: fast scan. Cons: data representation a bit confusing